One evening in New York, while sitting at the table with pen in hand and feeling a little discouraged, I asked myself a simple question: What is special about me?

I allowed my pen to flow without thinking too much about the answers, and to my surprise, I came up with five affirmations that coincidently all begin with the letter “P”. Easy to remember, and as you’ll see they touch upon the very core of our existence. Thus was born what I call The Five Noble Truths that now serve to guide me through my life: I am Powerful; I am Protected; I am Perfect; I am Prasadam; I am Prosperous.

My hope is that these affirmations will give you the solace, strength, and the wisdom you need to succeed in your life as well help remind you just how awesome you are.

In expanding on the meaning of each affirmation, I have drawn from the teachings of various esoteric and spiritual traditions, with a special preference to the Vedic scriptures. Essentially, I was writing this book for myself. As I typed each word, I took on the role of an empathetic friend offering encouragement. I want you to know that everything contained in this book was written with the utmost sincerity by the hand of an encouraging friend.

An affirmation is a declaration of something that is true. My hope is that these affirmations will resonate with you as they have with me and that you will embrace and apply them within the context of your own spiritual tradition.

Each one of these affirmations is drawn from the perspective that you and I and all living things on this planet are souls – eternal personified sparks of the Creator, not bound by time and the true essence of what makes us conscious beings.

To complement the spoken affirmations, I have provided geometric equivalents (yantras) of them which will help in your meditation. I explain the history and efficacy of yantras in the next few chapters.

Our spiritual journey is a very personal one, for no two people truly walk the same path—even those within the same religious community. As the saying goes: you must “fly your own plane,” on the path of righteousness. So, bon voyage!

I offer these five noble truths to you with love.

Paul Rodney Turner