Reconnect with Nature

There are essentially 5 gross elements that make up everything we experience in this world, earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Our physical body needs to feed each one of these energies.


Tap into your Innate Spirituality

We learn from the ancient spiritual teachings that we are consciousness and that consciousness is a symptom of the soul. As souls, we are perfect and human life is meant for self-realization.


Learn to Honor the Food you Eat

Food is the most basic necessity of life and so it behooves us to appreciate its role in shaping our consciousness and overall well-being. You are what you eat!


What People are Saying…

“I am on my third reading of your delightful book Food Yoga. What a remarkable journey that you’ve shared with us all. Everything about the book is uplifting and unifying. How fortunate the world is to have this laid out like this. As you may know in all of our classes and chef training the crux of all that we share is how to offer our food based on knowledge not just beliefs, You’ve done a marvelous job in giving the world the tools to do just that KNOWLEDGE! You’ve have covered every area needed to give any lay person insight and knowledge about the science of food and the science of Yoga. Blessings many times over for your continued endeavors to serve humanity to
the utmost.”

Lilian Buttler, Founder of RAW SOUL

What is Food Yoga?

FOOD YOGA – Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul is a completely new approach to holistic living. Until now, books on healthy living and nutrition have focused on the mechanics of health and happiness, and in doing so, have promoted philosophies and plans that in one way or another have alienated vast numbers of people. As a result, despite volumes of literature and research, there is no consensus on what diet or mode of living is best. What they have all failed to identify is one underlying truth that connects us all and from which all health plans can be reconciled and/or elevated to their ultimate stature. That truth is: our constitutional nature is spirit and we are all spiritually equal. Any healthy living program, therefore, needs to address the “nutritional” needs of body, mind, and spirit.

“Finally – the book that tells the whole story about this thing we do three times a day: eat. FOOD YOGA shares in delicious prose both the spiritual and physical relevance of food in our lives and how we can use it to heal ourselves and our planet. ‘Should be a must-read for anybody who’s ever held a fork.” 
– Victoria Moran, author of Creating a Charmed Life and MAIN STREET VEGAN.

“The book is fantastic! I cannot believe how much you packed into that number of pages….everything from your personal story to various spiritual paths to USDA organics myth to Monsanto and more….I think this book will be a hit. 

Rae Shikora, Author and Speaker

Paul Rodney Turner
Paul Rodney Turner

Australian-born Paul Rodney Turner, also known as the “Food Yogi,” was a celibate monk for 14 years from age 19-33. He lived a simple life, including sleeping on the floor without a pillow, taking cold showers, rising at 3.30am every morning, meditating for 2 hours and studying the ancient Vedic literature of India.

Paul is a vegan chef, social entrepreneur, public speaker, numerologist, billiards instructor, holistic life coach, spiritual guide and the international director of Food for Life Global, the world’s largest food relief that serves up to 2 million plant-based meals daily.

He has traveled to 70 countries and cooked for presidents and leaders of the world. During Paul’s travels, he visited three war zones, and in 2005, he led an international team of volunteers to set up makeshift kitchens in villages across Sri Lanka in response to the great Asian tsunami, where volunteers served freshly cooked vegan meals to hundreds of thousands.

He currently lives in the Andes Mountains of Colombia with his wife and son on their animal sanctuary and is available for speaking at your event.

Paul also offers numerology readings.

Social Media @foodyogi

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